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Talk about the use of the advantages of thermoplastic extrus

With the development of the machinery industry, thermoplastic extrusion pump in the domestic market is also gradually being adopted by the industry, the application. thermoplastic extrusion pump is a positive displacement transportation equi

After two reasons thermoplastic extrusion pump stop pressure

Batte Machinery Zhengzhou Co.,Ltd. to tell you the following: After the thermoplastic extrusion pump stop pressure suddenly rise for two reasons  First, the thermoplastic extrusion pump shutdown after a sudden increase in pressure for two

Batte thermoplastic extrusion pump strengths lie

Batte thermoplastic extrusion pump eccentric drive, compact, small installation space. Unique worm structure, mechanical drive components ensure continuous, smooth.

thermoplastic extrusion pump liquid delivery afraid of "sti

thermoplastic extrusion pump for delivering viscous liquids, such as lubricating oil and burning oil, should not transfer the less viscous liquid (such as water and gasoline, etc.), should not transfer liquid (affect pump life) containing pa

How to properly maintain and repair the pump bearings?

In order to give full play to the bearing and long-term to maintain its proper performance, we must effectively do regular maintenance (periodic inspection). Through appropriate periodic inspection, so that early detection of failures, preve

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