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What is priming exhaust? Zhengzhou Batt double column screen

As a decades-old screen changer manufacturer, Zhengzhou Batt has developed and manufactured a large number of high-quality plate and double-column hydraulic screen changers (melt filters) for the plastics machinery and chemical industry in China, providing a complete set of perfect melt filtration solutions. The double-column screen changer provided by Zhengzhou Barth has obvious advantages such as small size, low energy consumption, easy screen replacement and low material and labor loss. For what is priming exhaust, Zhengzhou Batt screen changer manufacturer elaborates one by one in the following. Translated with (free version)

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When replacing a screen with a new screen in a double column screen changer, some of the material is removed and a certain amount of air is brought into the screen changer plunger in the screen plate area, which requires a priming and venting operation to remove the air from the plunger. When pushing the new screen into the main body of the double column screen changer, it is necessary to operate the screen changer plunger to stay in the priming and venting position for a moment, the purpose is: to draw a small flow of material from the production runner to discharge the air from the plunger to avoid air mixing in and causing product quality problems. In the process of inducing the material exhaust, it can realize the preheating and warming up of the new mesh of the plunger at the same time, and avoid the temperature fluctuation of the mesh area during the process of changing the mesh. Translated with (free version)

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Specializing in the research and development, promotion and application of melt filtration non-stop screen changer and technical services. The company has a professional technical team that has been engaged in the production and application of non-stop screen changer for many years, focusing on the functional practicality and quality stability of melt filter products, combining the characteristics of the melt in the production process, transforming the melt screen changer technology into practical and reliable industrial products. For plastics, rubber, chemical fiber, adhesives, solvents, coating materials and other types of melt filtration, we provide perfect solutions for non-stop screen changing, so that customers can get high-quality, efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly melt filtration products in a timely manner and achieve good production process results.

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