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thermoplastic extrusion pump features and applications

The thermoplastic extrusion pump is an extrusion gear pump/melt pump is a positive displacement unit consisting of a pair of cylindrical gears with external teeth in the bearings and a tight tolerance housing. The polymer melt is delivered from the inlet side and precisely metered to the discharge side.

thermoplastic melt pump

The extrusion thermoplastic melt pump almost completely eliminates pressure variations in the head, allowing precise control of the pressure gauge and the efficiency of pumping the polymer. Reduce die inlet pressure fluctuations. The melt pump maintains a constant volume output (cc/rev) so the die can have accurate, repeatable dimensions across the die profile, maintaining product uniformity. Increase extruder output by reducing extruder back pressure. Produce a more marketable product and less waste. Cut out scrap Lower product cost - save material due to tighter tolerance extrusion. Increase the service life of extruder components. Suitable for plastic sheet/plate extrusion production line, irrigation water pipe/pipe extrusion production line, polypropylene polyester polyethylene packaging tape extrusion production line, type of film production line: film blow molding production line, etc.

thermoplastic melt gear pump

In industrial applications, processing thermoplastic melts requires positive displacement pumps to gently transport low to high viscosity thermoplastics throughout the manufacturing process. Every plastics manufacturing company has special requirements when it comes to processing plastic melts. Batte has long used its own technology and process expertise to efficiently configure melt pumps. Years of extensive experience are used to ensure the optimal combination of systems (if necessary, with matching screen changers and controllers). This makes the processing of plastic melts very successful and safe when producing thermoplastic components such as films, sheets or tubes. Batte's melt pumps are also used to mix plastic melts.

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