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Batte manufactures gear pumps, filtration systems, and pelletizers for plastic, chemical, petrochemical, and food industries. It provides pump systems, including chemical and industrial pumps, elastomer extrusion pumps, thermoplast extrusio

Three functional segments of the melt pump extruder

According to the material in the extruders status and the role of each part of the extruder is different, but will melt extrusion pattern in tube along the screw axial pump is divided into the melt pump solid conveying, plasticizing molten

Thermoplastic extrusion process

Thermoplastic Extrusion molding in the plastic molding process has a large proportion of products that have the same cross-sectional shape of the products can be used extrusion molding methods, such as: pipe, bar and other profiles, film, s

2017 Thermoplastic Extrusion Pumps Industry Trends

Thermoplastic plastics extrusion pump industry trend research report is through the impact of thermoplastic extrusion pump industry market operation of many factors carried out by the investigation and analysis of the thermoplastic extrusio

Gear Pump Pressure Control

A poor gear pump pressure control algorithm for the pump can cause some variation in the extruder screw speed, causing large variations in the inlet pressure to the pump. This type of control-induced surging can occur even though the proces

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