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Melt gear pump for thermoplastic materials

Melt gear pumps for thermoplastic materials are suitable for the extrusion and transportation of thermoplastic high viscosity polymer melts, and are often used in thermoplastic extruder systems; thermoplastic melt pumps are generally instal

High temperature melt pump manufacturer lets users find their

There is no need to argue that manufacturers of high temperature melt pumps can only develop by maintaining continuous visits from users. However, if we want to achieve this goal, we must publicize our equipment through multiple channels, a

How to adjust the thickness of extrusion plate

The uneven thickness of extruded sheets is a tense problem. When extruding thin sheets for hot forming, the uniform thickness is tense against the wall thickness of the part to be formed and the optical deformation to be guarded against. Th

Warning the Misuse of Gear Pump

Inlet Orientation of Inlet Pipe of Gear Pump Many pilots think that this can improve the practical lift, the original gear pumps practical lift = total lift - lost lift. When the type of gear pump is determined, the total lift is certain; t

How to deal with motor overload of melt pump

In the process of using the melt pump , there will be such or such faults and problems. Today, we will make a cause analysis and treatment of motor overload. 1. Reason analysis: the proportion of inhaled medium is too large or too large ann

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