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Melt pump manufacturers explain melt pump disassembly and cle

As a professional melt pump manufacturer in China, Battek has professional melt pump processing equipment and advanced melt pump processing technology to provide users with high-standard, high-performance melt pump equipment to meet the production needs of different plastic extrusion systems. This article specifically introduces the melt pump disassembly and cleaning workflow.

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1, carefully dismantle the pump from the equipment, into the vacuum heating furnace slowly warmed up to 400 ℃ -450 ℃ for two hours. The temperature should not be too hot or easy to lead to a decline in the hardness of the pump body material, affecting the stability of the pump body size.

2、Dissolve the residual material during the heating process. Screw out the bolts of sealing gland, front and rear cover plates in turn. Keep in mind the position and direction of all parts removed, and return them all to the right place when installing. When removing the gear due to residual solid material adhesion, do not use hard objects to knock and damage the teeth and bearing edges, but should be gently tapped with a plastic or soft copper hammer to remove it.

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3, melt pump disintegration of the removed gears and sealing components should be placed lightly on a clean countertop, with compressed air or clean cotton cloth to clean the parts first. And carefully check the parts for wear, cracks, burrs and scratches. 600 ﹟ sandpaper can be used to gently sand the surface of the adherents, sanding, especially careful metering gears, center plate and D-type bearings, do not go to its metal or its grinding. Otherwise, it will affect its measurement function.

4、After each part is polished, clean it with trichloroethane or vinyl chloride solvent, and then wipe it clean with cotton cloth, never use paper towel, because there may be confetti or impurities sticking to the parts, and it can be installed only after it is cleaned.


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