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The difference between high temperature melt pump and standar

The difference between high temperature melt pump and standard melt pump Zhengzhou batte according to the characteristics of the input materials, developed a professional high melting point for the input of materials to transport pressuriza

Application and working condition of melt pump

Application of melt pump Melt pump is mainly used for high temperature and high viscosity polymer melt conveying, supercharging and metering. Abroad, it is widely used in plastics, resin, rubber, chemical fiber products extrusion molding. S

High temperature and high pressure melt pump is suitable for

ZB-H series high temperature and high pressure melt pumps are suitable for engineering plastics, blown film and other processes. The main features of H series melt gear pump are: 1. It can be applied to high temperature (510 degree) high pr

Common troubles and Countermeasures of melt pump

(1) failure phenomenon: melt pump can not discharge material; Cause of failure: A. rotation in opposite direction; B. inhalation or discharge valve closure; C. inlet without material or pressure too low; D. viscosity too high, melt pump can

development of intelligent direction of melt pump

The melt pump is gradually moving towards the intelligent and accurate direction, and to a certain extent, it has also played a good role in the development of the pump valve products and industry. The technological content and shape design

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