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Noise Reduction Scheme of thermoplast extrusion pump

1. Reduce the modulus of the gear and increase the tooth width. This is because, with the increase of modulus, the deformation of gear teeth after loading is small, which is helpful to reduce noise; but with the increase of modulus, the man

Cause Analysis of Melt Pump Failure

The melt pump head is mainly composed of pump shell, drive gear, driven gear, sliding bearing, front and rear end plates, gravel seal, etc. The melt pump uses melt self-lubrication, and lubrication groove holes are arranged on the cleaning

Matters needing attention in operation of thermoplast extrusi

The thermoplast extrusion pump is installed at room temperature and operates at high temperature. Therefore, the influence of heat medium pipeline and thermal expansion of pump body on the normal operation of the pump must be considered to

Fracture Reasons of Corrugated Pipe of thermoplast extrusion

The fracture of bellows is caused by fatigue failure due to excessive elongation or distortion in tension. Reasons for excessive elongation or distortion of thermoplastic extrusion melt pumps include: (1) Vigorous vibration is caused by mis

Specific Method for Reducing Axial Clearance Leakage of Melt

During the long-term use of the melt gear pump , leakage will occur, which seriously affects its production operation. For the leakage of the melt gear pump, it mainly exists in the leakage of the axial clearance. How to effectively reduce

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