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thermoplastic extrusion pump features and applications

The thermoplastic extrusion pump is an extrusion gear pump/melt pump is a positive displacement unit consisting of a pair of cylindrical gears with external teeth in the bearings and a tight tolerance housing. The polymer melt is delivered

Detailed explanation of the characteristics of eva optical fi

Zhengzhou Batte is a manufacturer specializing in the production of melt gear pumps. It provides a variety of large-scale melt gear pumps for domestic large-scale chemical fiber and resin plants. The displacement ranges from 0.1CC to 12000C

Attention must be paid to the purchase of melt blown melt pum

Melt pump is commonly used in melt blown fabric production line . There are many problems in the process of using. We have to overcome them one by one, but more importantly, some of the problems when we are buying the melt pump, lets look a

The difference between PP melt blown electret material and co

The electret treatment of melt blown nonwovens is an important finishing technology to improve the filtration efficiency. The melt blown nonwovens after electret finishing have the advantages of high filtration efficiency and low filtration

Introduction of melt blown process

Melt pump melt blown technology is a kind of filament drawing technology. The polymer is extruded through the holes arranged in a straight line, and the fibers are formed under a certain angle of high-speed hot air jet. These fibers are str

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