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What are the accessories of the melt gear pump?

Melt pump drive system Cross universal joint of melt pump Melt pump cover plate Melt pump shaft sleeve Spiral seals for melt gear pumps melt pump spline sleeve Cast copper heating plate for melt gear pump Electric heating rod for melt gear

Detailed description of the structure and materials of the th

Thermoplastic extrusion melt pump is suitable for various extrusion industries, such as sheet, sheet, pipe, film, granulation, wire drawing, cable, co extrusion, mixing, precision extrusion, etc. The specifications and models of the extrude

What are the characteristics of PET large-scale melt gear pum

In PET production, the melt gear pump plays a crucial role. High temperature and high viscosity melt is transported by the melt gear pump under high pressure to the cutting or downstream spinning device, and its performance directly affects

Gear and shaft sleeve for maintenance of melt pump

Zhengzhou Batte Melt Pump Co., Ltd. is a professional large-scale melt pump production enterprise that integrates research and development with production. With 20 years of research and development experience and multiple patent certificate

What problems does the melt pump solve for extruders?

Thermoplastic extrusion pumps generate pressure more efficiently than screw extruders and provide a more consistent pressure and output volume than screw extruders, which fill the gear from the suction side and rotate the gear to discharge

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