batte melt pump

High viscosity high pressure gear pump selection medium

The transmission medium is not only the medium of energy transfer, but also the lubricant, sealing and heat transfer medium. The gear pump for transporting high viscosity liquid should output the most flow rate under lower power consumption

Metering accuracy of metering pump

The metering accuracy of metering pumps refers to the accuracy of flow reproducibility, which is usually calculated according to the maximum flow rate. Within the range of 10-100%, the metering accuracy of the general metering pump is (+) 1

What are the common forms of mechanical seal failure of chemi

In the process of conveying melt for a long time, mechanical seal failure will occur, resulting in the leakage of melt; chemical melt gear pump mainly conveys some inflammable, explosive, strong corrosive materials, leakage will cause envir

Application of melt pump in plastic extrusion system

Melt pump is usually used with single screw or twin screw extruder in polymer processing. It can make the melt homogenize further, the pressure is stable, the output of material is pulseless, and ultimately improve the quality of products.

How much can the extruder and melt pump increase

Q: how much can the extruder and melt pump increase? Answer: In order to increase the output of the extruder, after adding the batte melt pump , the maximum pressure fluctuation of the extruder is in the pump, which can make the internal pr

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