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Advantages of melt gear pumps for thermoplastic materials

Melt pump for thermoplastic materials, suitable for extrusion and transportation of thermoplastic high viscosity polymer melts; Generally installed between the outlet of the extruder and the die head, used as a metering pump. thermoplastic

How to ensure the stability of PET melt pump speed?

In a continuous PET device, the melt from the final polymerization kettle needs to be transported to the granulator and corresponding downstream spinning system through a thermoplastic extrusion pump; How to ensure the stability of PET melt

Special metering pump for thermoplastic extruder

The ZB-B series extruder dedicated metering pump is a universal metering pump used in electric heating extrusion systems. Suitable for extrusion and transportation of polymer melts from low viscosity to extremely high viscosity; Generally i

thermoplastic hot melt pumps: a secret weapon in the chemical

Melt gear pumps are mainly used in the chemical fields of polyester, chemical fibers, textiles, and plastics in China. In the production process of high viscosity polymers such as plastics or chemical fibers, melt gear pumps are usually use

PET packaging belt dedicated metering melt pump

Thermoplastic melt metering pumps can be used in various extrusion industries, such as sheet, sheet, pipe, film, granulation, wire drawing, cable, co extrusion, mixing, precision extrusion, and other industries. Advantages of special meteri

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