Extrusion molding characteristics of melt pump
    Extrusion molding characteristics of melt pump : A. The production process of melt pump is continuous and can extrude any length of plastic parts. B. Melt pump mold structure is also simpler, easy to manufacture and maintain, less investmen
    the extrusion and injection technology of melt pump
    Melt pump extrusion: Melt pump Extrusion molding is also called extruding molding in the plastic processing, in the non-rubber extruder processing by hydraulic press pressure in the mold itself extruded. It is a kind of processing method th
    Application of Batte Melt Pump in Extrusion of Wood Plastic P
    Wood-plastic profile production line is mainly used for PVC + wood flour, production of kick line, door edge line, door line, hundred leaves, photo frame, frame, door frame, door cover, window cover, stand, stair handrail, decorative buckle
    Batte Melt Pump Improves Benefits of Extrusion Molding
    The famous melt pump manufacturer in Zhengzhou Batte Henan area possesses experienced engineering technicians and advanced processing equipment, which guarantees that the melt pump equipment has the advantages of high precision and no pulsa
    Melt gear pumps for thermoplastic materials
    Zhengzhou Batte Zhongyuan large melt gear pump production enterprises, provide the best performance and cost-effective melt gear pump equipment for the users of the plastic industry; Zhengzhou Batte as a high-tech enterprise, has a number o
    Extrusion by thermoplastic melt pump
    Extrusion by thermoplastic melt pump Combining the very efficient plasticizing properties of screw and barrel configurations with the quantitative melt feed of thermoplastic melt pumps eliminates many of the negative effects. Extruders with
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