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thermoplastic hot melt pumps: a secret weapon in the chemical

Melt gear pumps are mainly used in the chemical fields of polyester, chemical fibers, textiles, and plastics in China. In the production process of high viscosity polymers such as plastics or chemical fibers, melt gear pumps are usually use

PET packaging belt dedicated metering melt pump

Thermoplastic melt metering pumps can be used in various extrusion industries, such as sheet, sheet, pipe, film, granulation, wire drawing, cable, co extrusion, mixing, precision extrusion, and other industries. Advantages of special meteri

What are the standards for melt pumps?

The standard of melt pumps is an important guarantee for ensuring equipment quality and performance. Only melt pumps that meet the standard requirements can ensure the stability and reliability of production. Therefore, when selecting a mel

Application, Materials and Characteristics of High Viscosity

The high precision of high-precision gear metering pumps ensures the accuracy and repeatability of flow, making them particularly suitable for pulsatile precision metering applications in various solvents, strong acids, alkalis, and high vi

Why should the speed of the gear rotor of a melt gear pump no

The rotor speed of the gear of the melt gear pump is a key factor affecting the displacement and production of the melt gear pump. Rotor speed increases, melt gear pump geometric displacement can be increased significantly, a greater increa

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