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What are the advantages of melt pump for melt blown cloth

Due to the impact of the new coronavirus pneumonia, the supply of masks is in short supply, and as the core material of masks, the melt blown cloth can not meet the needs of todays mask manufacturers. Nowadays, there are thousands of enterp

How to make melt pump flow stable

Flow stability method: the first use of melt pump must be filled with pump body as priming water. When the suction pipe is to be absolutely sealed and started, the flow is not stable. It is normal because it is stable after exhausting air.

Good sealing and wear resistance of melt pump

All gears and mating surfaces of the melt pump produced by our company are finely ground and assembly clearance is strictly controlled to obtain accurate flow. ZB-B series of gear and pump body adopt chromium-nickel alloy steel and high tem

Extruder and Melt Pump Enhance Melt Mixing Ability and Output

Generally, using the existing conventional single screw extruder in series with the melt pump , conservatively estimates, the output will also increase by 10% - 15%. According to rough estimation method, the output can be increased by 5%-7%

Effect of Mechanical Installation Accuracy on Driving Torque

The control part of the melt pump is usually composed of frequency conversion motor, gear transmission, transmission shaft and so on. In the process of installation, it is necessary to find the concentricity of the input shaft and the outpu

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