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How to Reduce Vibration of Melt Metering Pump

When the melt metering pump is in use, because of the operation relationship of various parts of the machine, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of vibration. Vibration phenomenon will have a certain impact on the use of the melt metering

The connection between thermoplast extrusion pump and extrude

The flow rate of the thermoplast extrusion pump head varies with the change of the outlet pressure, but the fluctuation of the general outlet pressure can not exceed (+10 psi). If the fluctuation is large, it is likely to be a transmission

What are the characteristics of melt metering pump conveying

The conveying device of the melt metering pump is composed of three parts: the transmission system, the melt metering pump and the control system. The drive system includes AC motor, reducer and frequency converter, while the control system

Analysis of Gear Discharge Problem of thermoplast extrusion P

Melt pump is a new type of heating equipment, which can save energy and reduce emissions. Thermoplastic extrusion melt pump can supply 340 C temperature and 0.8 MPa working pressure, which is very safe and reliable. Melt pumps are widely us

Study on Performance and Structure of Double-drive Melt Pump

Configuration of melt pump in polymer extrusion processing system can reduce the requirement of extruder pressure building and conveying capacity, greatly improve the output and stability of production line, and significantly reduce the tem

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