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Effect of Mechanical Installation Accuracy on Driving Torque

The control part of the melt pump is usually composed of frequency conversion motor, gear transmission, transmission shaft and so on. In the process of installation, it is necessary to find the concentricity of the input shaft and the outpu

Points for Attention in Dismantling Polypropylene Metering Pu

Polypropylene metering pump conveys dangerous chemicals. When TEAL transported by the pump ignites with air and explodes in water, if the treatment is not clean, it is easy to cause casualties when the pump head of the polypropylene meterin

Some Advantages of Harmonic Gear Pump

1. Harmonic gear pump has symmetrical structure and two discharge chambers and two feed chambers are opened symmetrically with respect to each gear. Therefore, the force acting on the radial hydraulic balancing gear and bearing on the trans

Discussione sulle cause dei guasti di Melt Conversing Gear Pu

A complete melt transmission gear pump is mainly composed of four parts: motor, reducer, universal coupling and pump head. Haike is a professional melt pump manufacturer in China. Melt pumps include plastic sheet melt pumps, high temperatur

Noise Reduction Scheme of thermoplast extrusion pump

1. Reduce the modulus of the gear and increase the tooth width. This is because, with the increase of modulus, the deformation of gear teeth after loading is small, which is helpful to reduce noise; but with the increase of modulus, the man

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