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What are the eight components of a high temperature melt pump

BATTE is a professional manufacturer of large, medium and small melt pumps, offering melt pumps with displacements ranging from 0.2CC to 12,000CC, which can meet the production needs of any working conditions. The high temperature melt pump in the melt pump series belongs to the high performance melt gear pump equipment developed for special working conditions. The structure and material of high temperature melt pumps are described as follows:

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High-temperature melt pump structure consists of the following eight parts: 1, pump body 2, front cover 3, back cover 4, the active shaft 5, driven shaft 6, bushings 7, spiral seal 8, cooling water ring. Slave gear, pump body, both sides of the cover plate and the pump body of the external heating and cooling device, the active shaft and drive connection, driven by the slave shaft in the direction of the transport direction of rotation, the polymer melt transported to the head.

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In polymer processing applications, there are three types of high temperature melt pump gears: straight, helical and herringbone, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. Straight tooth gears are stronger, have greater effective volume output at high output pressures, and have a longer service life, but have slightly higher pulsation than helical gears. Helical gear pulse is slightly lower than straight gear, but the pressure resistance is not as good as straight gear, will produce axial load, gear end face and back cover sleeve long time friction and affect the life. Herringbone gears have the advantages of straight and helical gears, but the shear force is larger, easy to make the material thermal degradation. So the gear should be selected according to the characteristics of the material.

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The gears and bearings of the company's ZB-B series melt pumps are made of chromium-nickel alloy and M2 high-speed tool steel; ZB-H series adopt imported CPM tool steel or titanium-tantalum alloy materials, with overall quenching, hardness HRC62-68, and good abrasion resistance. The pump body material adopts high temperature tool steel or stainless steel (corrosion-resistant special), hardness HRC65 or so, the runner and eight holes of the smoothness of 0.8. sealing method is divided into three kinds: mechanical seal, mechanical packing seal, mechanical packing cold water triple seal.


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