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The main parts of thermoplastic extrusion pump repair

① tooth repair: Whetstone removed with fine emery cloth or strain or multi-angled ground to the site, and then swap gear surface orientation and appropriately for research, and finally cleaned; severe wear can be observed with the naked ey

Other reasons thermoplastic extrusion pump failure

High viscosity oil will produce noise, you must use the appropriate oil viscosity. 2, less than the output flow

thermoplastic extrusion pump mechanical reasons explained

① pump and coupling connection requirements due to irregularities arising from the vibration and noise. Should be required for adjustment of the coupling.

thermoplastic extrusion pump causes vibration and noise and

Also between the pump cover and gland; pump and side cover ①thermoplastic extrusion pump as hard seal direct contact, if the flatness of contact surfaces do not meet requirements, the pump is easily inhaled air at work is also in direct co

2015 thermoplast extrusion pump how to market?

We Batte Machinery company to pump industry, there are a lot of years, and have some experience and skills in product performance and product quality, and constantly to solve customer problems. Customer satisfaction is our greatest responsib

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