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PP-R pipe extrusion melt pump

Application of Pipe Extrusion Melt Pump

Plastic extrusion melt pumps are used for pressurization and stable flow transportation of extruders or medium to high viscosity polymers, such as pipes, sheets, plates, films, cables, co extrusion, mixing, precision extrusion, and other fields. It can also be installed in the melt pipe as a Booster pump; The heating method is mainly electric heating, thermoplastic extrusion pump suitable for thermoplastic materials and blends, such as PS PP PET PA ABS PE-LLD PP-R and other processes.

pipe extrusion melt pump

The main function of adding a melt pump in the pipe extrusion system is:

1. Significantly improve the stability of die head pressure and improve product quality;

2. It can achieve near linear output of flow and is easy to control;

3. Increase extrusion volume and increase production;

4. Reduce the extruder load, save energy, and reduce costs.

PP-R pipe melt pump

The main technical characteristics of PP-R pipe extrusion melt gear pump:

1. Optimized melt flow channel design: eliminates dead corners within the channel, minimizes polymer residue, and improves product quality;

2. Optional built-in flow channel: suitable for fluid cooling to adapt to more precise and fast temperature control systems; It can also be used for heating medium;

3. Improved gear parameter design: more precise displacement design, making the output pressure more stable and suitable for precision extrusion conditions;

thermoplastic extrusion pump

4. Extremely wide range of applicable viscosity: using different sealing methods, it can be applied to working conditions from low viscosity to extremely high viscosity;

5. Multiple installation methods: meet the personalized needs of users;

6. High precision manufacturing and excellent heat treatment: more precise and durable.

melt pump for pipe extruder

BATTE melt pumps can provide high wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and some special material configurations according to different customer operating conditions. At the same time, we can also provide accessories such as electric heating rods/plates, junction boxes, thermal resistors, pressure sensors, as well as a complete set of solutions such as melt pump drive devices, bases, control systems, and screen changers. Welcome to inquire about procurement!

PPR pipe extrusion line melt gear pump


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