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Application, Materials and Characteristics of High Viscosity

The high precision of high-precision gear metering pumps ensures the accuracy and repeatability of flow, making them particularly suitable for pulsatile precision metering applications in various solvents, strong acids, alkalis, and high viscosity media.

high viscosity melt pump
High Viscosity melt pump

The pump head materials of high-precision gear metering pumps are diverse and optional (high-temperature tool steel, chromium nickel alloy steel, stainless steel), suitable for various acids, alkalis, solvents, various chemical additives metering, transportation, sampling, etc. The flow control of the pump can be achieved by using controllers such as AC and brushless DC motors. It can be applied to high pressure differential, high system pressure, and a wide range of medium viscosity.

high precision melt pump
High Precision melt gear pump

It has the following advantages and characteristics:

1. Precision measurement: measurement accuracy ± 1%, precise control of output flow through speed adjustment. 2. No leakage: Magnetic drive, no extended shaft, no rotating seal design. 3. Stable flow rate, no pulsation: with self priming ability and stable outlet pressure. 4. Capable of dry running: high-precision gears and wear-resistant ceramic shafts. 5. Hygienic standard: The liquid passing material meets the hygiene requirements. 6. Pump head material options: 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy, titanium alloy. 7. Optional driving methods: IEC standard motor, ATEX explosion-proof motor, brushless DC motor, servo motor.

polymer melt gear pump
polymer melt gear pump


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