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Why should the speed of the gear rotor of a melt gear pump no

The rotor speed of the gear of the melt gear pump is a key factor affecting the displacement and production of the melt gear pump. Rotor speed increases, melt gear pump geometric displacement can be increased significantly, a greater increase in the production and use of melt pump efficiency, but the melt gear pump gear rotor speed can not be increased indefinitely, the specific reasons are described below:


First of all, it is subject to the gear shaft strength, stiffness constraints; melt gear pump gear rotor speed increases, the shaft rotation torque required to increase, according to the third strength theory of material mechanics, the gear shaft hazardous cross-section of the bending and torsional shear stress increases, will lead to the gear shaft due to fatigue damage and damage to the possibility of increasing.


Secondly, is also the key, the size of the gear shaft rotor speed to be subject to the sliding bearing structural parameters of the constraints, speed increase, sliding bearing polymer oil film by the shear enhancement of the material temperature rise, the viscosity of the oil film decreases, its carrying capacity will decline. What's more, if the material temperature rise is too high, it may lead to polymer lubricant film degradation and loss of carrying capacity, making the gear shaft and bearings for the metal dry friction, damage to the normal use of the melt gear pump. At the same time, due to the gear shaft rotor speed and lubricant film temperature rise is closely related, so need a good bearing cooling system.


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