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Electric heating plastic extruder melt pump

ZB-B series melt pump is a gear pump used in extrusion systems for thermoplastic materials, which is suitable for the extrusion and transportation of thermoplastic high viscosity polymer melts; Generally installed between the extruder outlet and the die head, used as a melt metering pump; It can also be installed in polymer melt pipelines for use as a booster pump.

plastic extruder melt pump

When the extruder pump is working, it relies on the change in working volume caused by the mutual meshing of the master and slave gears to transport the melt. When the gear rotates in the specified direction, the melt will enter the middle of the grooves of the two gears in the feeding area, and then the gear starts to rotate. The melt is brought into the feeding area from both sides, and the gear teeth again, allowing the melt in the grooves to be squeezed out of the discharge area and pressed into the outlet pipeline. As long as the pump shaft rotates, the gears pressurize and transport the molten material to the outlet. Therefore, the pump outlet can reach a high pressure, while there are no high requirements for inlet flow rate and pressure.

thermoplastic extrusion pump

The main characteristics of extrusion pumps

1. Minimal pressure flow pulsation can achieve linear output of flow, suitable for precision extrusion systems.

2. Adopting different structures and material configurations for different working conditions can better meet the personalized needs of users.

3. It can be applied to high temperature (350 ℃), high pressure (40MPa), and high viscosity (40000 Pass) working conditions.

4. Precision structure, high precision, and long service life.

polymer melt pump

Transmission medium viscosity: 0.001~40000 Pa · s

Inhalation pressure: ≤ 10MPa

Output pressure: ≤ 35MPa

Permissible pressure difference: 25MPa

Operating temperature: ≤ 350 ℃

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