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What are the characteristics of EVA melt pump gear pump?

EVA production process requires melt gear pump to have some characteristics:

1. Ensure that the temperature of transported materials is constant, and the pump shall have the dynamic temperature control capability of active heating and cooling;

2. The maximum conveying pressure can reach 25Mpa, and the material viscosity can reach 3000Pa. s;

3. The pump bearing is required to be self lubricated by materials, and the materials shall not contact with lubricating grease and oil;

4. Reliability of 24-hour continuous operation all year round.

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The driving gear shaft and passive gear shaft of EVA melt gear pump are made of high-quality nitrided steel with surface nitriding and wear-resisting treatment. The surface hardness can reach 900HV. The matrix also has good toughness, is not easy to break under high load, and has a certain impact resistance. The shaft center is hollow in design. When using, it is matched with a rotary joint for the shaft. When the shaft center is not connected with liquid media, the temperature of the gear shaft is controlled by controlling the temperature of the media, In addition, it can counteract the shearing heat generated by gear shearing materials, and avoid the deterioration and carbonization of materials due to the temperature exceeding the process requirements. This feature is not available in ordinary melt gear pumps.

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EVA melt gear pump is a specially designed melt gear pump according to its special requirements. It has the performance characteristics that other existing melt gear pumps do not have. It has high temperature control accuracy and good effect. It adopts a special cavity flow channel design to eliminate dead angles as much as possible and avoid material carbonization and deterioration.

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