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What is an extrusion pump?

The extrusion system uses a melt gear pump , also known as a melt metering pump or extrusion pump, which can be used in various extrusion industries, such as sheet, sheet, pipe, film, granulation, wire drawing, cable, co extrusion, mixing,

Extrusion pumps for thermoplastics-Plastic industry solutions

Thermoplastic extrusion pump is a widely used equipment in the plastic processing industry, whose main function is to shape and process molten plastic through an extruder. With the rapid development of the plastic industry, the application

Melt gear pump for polyurethane elastomer rubber

The melt pump for TPU elastomer is a melt gear pump for the extrusion system dedicated to rubber and elastomers. It is suitable for extrusion and transportation of rubber and elastomer melts; it is generally installed between the extruder o

Characteristics of gear pumps for rubber and elastomer melt p

Rubber is a polymer material with high elasticity, which is elastic at room temperature and can undergo significant deformation under small external forces. After removing external forces, it can return to its original state. Rubber product

What to do if the melt pump motor is overloaded?

During the use of the melt pump, various faults and problems may occur. Today, we will analyze the causes and summarize the solutions for the problem of motor overload: 1. Cause analysis: The proportion of the inhaled medium or the year is

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