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Talk about the use of the advantages of thermoplastic extrus

  Talk about the use of the advantages of thermoplastic extrusion pump after

  With the development of the machinery industry, thermoplastic extrusion pump in the domestic market is also gradually being adopted by the industry, the application. thermoplastic extrusion pump is a positive displacement transportation equipment, high-precision gear clearance and volume structure design, the stable equilibrium extrusion becomes possible, widely used in plastics, resins, rubber, chemical fiber products, extrusion molding.

  So what will later Zhengzhou Batte thermoplastic extrusion pump Co. will take you to understand the next with a thermoplastic extrusion pump advantage of it.

  1, the extruded product minimizes dimensional tolerances, the unit weight of the material made out more products. In the extrusion products dimensional tolerances or demanding products more expensive raw material costs, the use of thermoplastic extrusion pump more necessary, more valuable.

  2, with the twin-screw extruder with thermoplastic extrusion pump combined into a mixing extrusion granulation production line, its mixing quality and yield significantly higher than single twin-screw granulation unit. Energy consumption per kilogram of processed material can generally be reduced by about 25 percent.

  3, in the original is a single-screw or twin-screw granulation with extruders installed thermoplastic extrusion pump and tubes, plates, film extrusion die, the granulation step can be saved directly extruded products. This system is very suitable for extrusion products, materials need to go through blending modification occasions.

  4, can be achieved with multiple small and medium extruders simultaneously to a thermoplastic extrusion pump feeding, melt after the thermoplastic extrusion pump pressurized metered extrusion die major products (large diameter pipe, wide plates, film, etc.) . Compact production line structure of this configuration, small footprint; sectional dimensions of the extruded product is more accurate and easier to control.

  5, arranged on a single-screw vented extruder thermoplastic extrusion pump, can freely operating the system, excellent performance. At high head pressure and high yield, extrusion volume can be adjusted and must not take the material situation.

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