batte melt pump

Try to explain the normal opening and parking of the centrifu

Answer: the melt pump is driving normally.

(1) the inlet valve of the melt pump is opened, filled with liquid and discharged, and the exhaust is blocked.

(2) check the lubricating oil level to the standard oil value.

(3) open the pressure gauge.

(4) open up and down valve cooling water circulate normally with cooling water system.

(5) it is flexible to check the rotation of the rotor of the melt pump. Contact electrician to send electricity, point test motor turn, confirm the above procedure is normal, connect the power supply, make the pump run to normal speed, see the pump outlet pressure gauge.

(6) slowly open the outlet valve.

(7) check whether the pressure gauge is normal, whether the current is overloaded, and whether there is noise in the melt pump body.

melt pump Parking:

(1) slowly close the outlet valve.

(2) stop the motor to stop the motor smoothly.

(3) long time parking should close the inlet valve to prevent the pressure rising in the system, cause damage to the pump, and discharge the liquid in the melt pump clean.

(4) close the cooling water, seal the oil rinse water, and balance the valves on the pipeline.

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