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batte melt pump Company Products Nano-balloon reflective layer is a new environmentally friendly thermal insulation material, the material is soft, light and easy to install. The material structure of aluminum foil and polyethylene, the special mechanical processing, the pipeline it has a good thermal insulation, moisture, corrosion, energy saving effect, but also through the characteristics of the material developed a series of products are also widely used in housing Building applications on the roof, walls, floors, floor heating, automotive and other industries have the same effect. The product can also be based on the original aluminum foil and polyethylene with a layer of PE woven fabric, which does not change the performance of the original product greatly enhance its tensile strength, tear strength.

PET sheet die, extrusion sheet die, flat die production of PET (APET film, CPEP, PETG) film

PET sheet die features:

Project Name PET sheet extrusion die

Tool material pre-hardened plastic mold, gross enrollment rate 1.2718, 50CRMO heating needs treatment for u

Die width up to 2.2 meters

Product width 500 - 2000mm

Product thickness of 0.14 - 1.5mm

Stainless steel heating heating rod

Runner hanger type (T-die)

Hard chrome plated surface 0.03-0.05 mm of all flow

0.02mm for all customer requirements

Voltage 220V

The power of each district 3.5kw

Suitable for plastic material polyester (APET film, PETG, increasing exercise load)

One year after the sales service

Auxiliary equipment screen changer, metering pump, hydraulic station

Mold time 32 days

Squeeze evenly, mirror-finished mold cavity

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