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What to do if the melt pump motor is overloaded?

During the use of the melt pump, various faults and problems may occur. Today, we will analyze the causes and summarize the solutions for the problem of motor overload:

polymer melt pump

1. Cause analysis: The proportion of the inhaled medium or the year is too large. Solution: Adjust the proportion or viscosity of the medium

2. Cause analysis: The pressure difference of the outlet filter is too large. Solution: Check and clean the outlet filter

3. Cause analysis: The motor shaft is bent. Solution: Check the shaft

4. Cause analysis: The filling material is too tight. Solution: Adjust the tightening force

5. Cause analysis: The motor has malfunctioned, and the solution is to repair or replace it

6. Cause analysis: The coaxiality of the coupling exceeds the tolerance, and the solution is to recalibrate it

7. Cause analysis: The discharge pressure is too high. Solution: Reduce the discharge port pressure


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