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The importance of using pressure sensors in high temperature

Every high-temperature melt pump has a specified high operating pressure above which serious damage to the pump can occur. Typical of these is a high discharge pressure due to a "cold start", meaning that the downstream adapter, screen changer or die head is still too cold, or solid (unmelted) material is blocking the lines.

melt pump pressure sensors
melt pump pressure sensors

To protect the high temperature melt pump from overpressurization, pressure sensors should be installed directly before and after the high temperature melt pump. The pressure sensor is usually connected to a control system with a double alarm function (warning and shutdown). Zhengzhou BATTE integrates two pressure sensor threads as standard in the housing of the high temperature melt pump, with pressure sensor holes at the inlet and at the outlet. the pressure sensor holes have a thread diameter of 14 mm and a pitch of 1.5 mm. therefore, no additional holes and threads are required in the adapter before or after the extrusion of the high temperature melt pump.


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