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Eight measures for stable operation of high-temperature melt

High-temperature melt gear pump life depends on the sliding bearing and gear journal can always maintain a stable bearing lubrication film between the pump's outlet pressure, pump speed, the viscosity of the melt are directly affecting the lubrication of the bearing capacity. In order to enhance the stability and reliability of the melt gear pump operation, in the melt gear pump operation and maintenance must pay attention to the following matters:

melt pump for palstics manufacturing
melt pump for palstics manufacturing

1、During the shutdown process, it is forbidden for the melt transfer gear pump to be at high temperature for a long time, so as to avoid the solidification and cracking of the melt, etc., which will cause the bearing lubrication to be unsmooth and the pump to be damaged.

2、All the interlocking protection devices must be intact, and the motor overload protection is intact, so as to avoid damaging the pump body by excessive shock load.

3、Universal coupling must be hot righting after the melt gear pump system is warmed up, in order to avoid additional torque caused by thermal deformation during operation.

4、When the melt gear pump starts, the gear journal is in direct contact with the sliding bearing, and it should be started at a low speed, and when there is no pressure formation at the outlet, it should not be speeded up blindly to prevent the shaft or bearing from being damaged prematurely.

thermoplastic extrusion pump
thermoplastic extrusion pump

5、Speed up should be carried out slowly, do not make the front and rear pressure rise sharply, so as not to damage the bearings or make the melt block the lubrication channel.

6、After running the melt transfer gear pump for a period of time, check the packing gland for leakage and adjust the gland if necessary. Keep the sealing chamber pressure stable (0.5 MPa) during operation, and pay attention to the temperature of the sliding bearing at the same time.

7, melt gear pump outlet melt filter need to be regularly switched to avoid long-term operation at high pressure and even the upper limit of pressure, reduce the melt on the radial force on the gear journal (reduce the outlet pressure of the gear pump), you can improve the life of the bearings, increase the reliability of the pump.

8, operation, such as noise and vibration is too large, stop the pump to check, re-thermal alignment, installation accuracy has a great impact on the use of the pump.


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