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thermoplastic extrusion pump liquid delivery afraid of "sti

  thermoplastic extrusion pump liquid delivery afraid of "sticky"

  thermoplastic extrusion pump for delivering viscous liquids, such as lubricating oil and burning oil, should not transfer the less viscous liquid (such as water and gasoline, etc.), should not transfer liquid (affect pump life) containing particulate impurities can be as a lubricating oil pump system pumps and hydraulic systems, widely used in engines, turbines, centrifugal compressors, machine tools and other equipment. thermoplastic extrusion pump technology requirements, difficult to obtain an exact match. Next we introduce several unique thermoplastic extrusion pump products.

  Is a novel design with the international advanced level of hydraulics components, it has a simple structure, low noise, long life, pollution sensitivity is small. Widely used in mining machinery, engineering machinery, plastics machinery, metallurgical machinery, auxiliary power plant, petrochemical machinery, food packaging machinery, precision machine tools, general machine tools and other mechanical hydraulic system.

  Technology innovation:

  1, the special tooth: NBX pumps external gear profile is a straight line, the ring gear is a straight line conjugated

  2, two-stage pressurization: NBX pump with two-stage pressurized structure, without increasing spindle load, increase the output pressure of the pump to extend pump life.

  3, liquid hybrid bearing: NBX pump no axial load, axial gap between the ring and the pump casing is very small, which is fraught with oil, to form a hybrid bearing.

  4, the modular design: NBX pumps high degree of standardization of parts, suitable for advanced modular design.

  5, straight teeth conjugate meshing theory, gear tooth straight-line and build the best profile angle, the ring gear tooth with linear conjugate line, so that no confinement engagement zone, so as to work steady, accurate high volumetric efficiency, low noise, the desired effect

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