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structure and working principle of thermoplastic extrusion p

  structure and working principle of thermoplastic extrusion pump

  thermoplastic extrusion pump is polyester melt conveying, pressurization and melt metering essential equipment. Than other types of high temperature melt pump pump compact, reliable operation, low energy consumption, high volumetric efficiency, shear melt small, high-pressure flow stability at high viscosity, no outlet pressure fluctuations. Unique advantages and the key role of the pump in the process of having to play an irreplaceable role in the polyester production.

  However, if the operation of the pump used improperly, management is not in place, not only can not play its effectiveness, even cause sudden damage to the pump.

  First, the structure and working principle

  A complete gear pump includes a motor, reducer, couplings and head of several parts, head of the lid from the pump casing, front side, gear shafts, sliding bearings and shaft seal. High temperature pumps belong to positive displacement pump, the working volume changes work intermeshing rely on the Lord, the driven gear caused to convey melt. Working volume by the pump, alveolar gear and have side panels feature bearing.

  When the direction of rotation as shown in FIG. 1 gear, the melt enters the alveolar suction chamber two gears, with the gear, the melt is brought into the discharge chamber from both sides, once again engage the gears, so that the alveolar The melt is extruded discharge chamber, the pressure to the outlet pipe. As long as the shaft rotates, the gear on the outlet side of the nip to melt, so the pump outlet can reach very high pressure, and flow rate and discharge pressure is substantially independent.

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