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After two reasons thermoplastic extrusion pump stop pressure

  After two reasons thermoplastic extrusion pump stop pressure suddenly rise

  Batte Machinery Zhengzhou Co.,Ltd. to tell you the following: After the thermoplastic extrusion pump stop pressure suddenly rise for two reasons

  First, the thermoplastic extrusion pump shutdown after a sudden increase in pressure for two reasons:

  1, thermoplastic extrusion pump output of "check valve" is damaged.

  2, if the output of the gear pump is not installed already "check valve, then certainly the next level of a check valve or control valve gear pump is out of the question. Let's work the system" working pressure (hypertension) by two returned to a pump (gear pump). Because when you stop, the secondary pump is working properly, so that when the gear pump does not stop overpressure.

  Two, thermoplastic extrusion pump too much traffic and how? In addition to replacement of the gear pump and reduce the speed but also have what method, install relief okay?

  thermoplastic extrusion pump output line upload a relief possible. if there is no better way than this, install the throttle, it will be hard damage the pump.

  Another way is to be bypassed, if thermoplastic extrusion pump outlet pressure, and the bypass valve operation, the pressure at the discharge to the oil return. But this way is actually a relief.

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