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Other reasons thermoplastic extrusion pump failure

  Other reasons thermoplastic extrusion pump failure

  High viscosity oil will produce noise, you must use the appropriate oil viscosity.

  2, less than the output flow

  ① high oil viscosity will make it drop, internal leakage increases, the pump delivery rate is reduced. Measures should be taken to identify the reasons; for high pressure thermoplastic extrusion pump, seals should be checked for damage.

  ② selection of oil viscosity is too high or too low, will result in reduced output flow pump, use a qualified oil viscosity.

  ③CB-B type thermoplastic extrusion pump generally can not be reversed, as the pump installed backwards, it will cause oil pressure chamber and the suction chamber partial short, it does not suck oil flow to reduce or even come. At this point, you should check the pump rotation.

  ④ engine speed is not enough, resulting in reduced flow. It should identify and eliminate the cause.

  3, rotating poor

  ① axial or radial clearance gap is too small. Re-adjusted repair.

  ② dirt inside the pump. Disintegration to remove foreign matter.

  ③ assembled incorrectly. thermoplastic extrusion pump two pin hole machining plane was not fitted plane, such as a pin into the first, and then tighten the screw, the pump will not turn. The correct way is, while rotating thermoplastic extrusion pump side and tighten the screws, and finally with a diamond pin hole and into the pin.

  ④ coaxial pump and motor coupling poor. Concentricity should ensure that within 0.1mm.

  ⑤ pump parts are not demagnetization. All parts prior to assembly shall demagnetization.

  ⑥ unqualified or needle roller set break. Repair or replace.

  ⑦ working oil outlet is blocked. Remove the foreign matter.

  4, fever

  ① thermoplastic extrusion pump caused by the rotation of the reasons for poor thermoplastic extrusion pump can cause fever, Remedy also refer to its implementation.

  ② oil viscosity is too high or too low. Oil re-election.

  ③ side panels, sleeve and the gear face serious friction. Repair or replacement.

  ④ ambient temperature is high, small fuel tank capacity, poor heat dissipation, heat will cause the pump. They should be treated separately.

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