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The main parts of thermoplastic extrusion pump repair

  The main parts of  thermoplastic extrusion pump repair

  (1) gear

  ① tooth repair: Whetstone removed with fine emery cloth or strain or multi-angled ground to the site, and then swap gear surface orientation and appropriately for research, and finally cleaned; severe wear can be observed with the naked eye parts and should be replaced.

  ② end surface repairs: gear end bearing or due to relative rotation of the front and rear covers and wear, when light from the line will be available starting line burr grinding method to grind and polish marks; wear serious, should be placed on a flat surface grinder gear grinding. It should be noted: two gears must be placed on a flat surface grinder grinding, the purpose is to ensure that the difference in thickness of the two gears in the range 5μm; and must ensure parallel and perpendicular to both end surfaces of the end face of the hole are in 5μm the range, and oil stone will blunt the sharp edge down, but must not chamfered, so that no burr, flash can be.

  ③ When the gear when engaging surface wear, abrasion applications Whetstone will generate burr removed; at the same time, exchange gear engagement position, so that the original work is not engaging tooth surface engagement work, not only to ensure the performance of their original work , but also to extend the working life of the gear.

  (2) pump

  Pump wear, the main chamber and gear items, including contact with that side of the circle, and mostly occurs in the suction side. If the pump belongs symmetrical, the pump can be rotated 180 degrees before use; if the pump is non-symmetrical, you need to use bronze alloy plating process or electro-plating method for repair of worn parts of the pump cavity hole.

  (3) bearing ring

  Wear bearing race is generally in contact with that end face of the gear and the hole on contact with the needle. Wear face or nap when starting line may be four bearing race on a flat surface grinder, with no contact with the gear side of the end surface polished Jizhunjiangla hair, their accuracy should ensure that within 10μm range. Bearing race is generally less wear and tear, if badly worn, can grind; or appropriately increase the aperture and re-matching needle; or replace the bearing race.

  (4) long, short axis

  Long, failure minor, mainly for wear in contact with the needle bearing phase place. If you wear light, can be polished to repair (and replacement of needle roller bearings); if badly worn or broken, you need to use chrome plating repair, or re-manufacturing. When reprocessed, it must meet a long, requiring minor keyway on parallel to the axis and symmetry; and onto the shaft of the flat key and gear keyway with the gap can not be too large; axis shall not bore gear radial wobble; coaxial journal and install the gear portion of the mating surfaces is not greater than 10μm, coaxial spigot ends shall not exceed 20-30μm.

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