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Teach you how to more easily install Extrusion gear pump

  Teach you how to more easily install extrusion gear pump

  Extrusion gear pump how to install will be more convenient?

  1, we recommend using a suction line from irrigation installation, aspiration side of the pump sump below the minimum level. If you must use a suction lifting type of installation, you must install the suction nozzle in the foot valve. The maximum permissible suction lift line need to be calculated according to the specific condition.

  2, is recommended to install a filter in the suction line for inspection and cleaning. And it must have the necessary shut-off valve and piping live access for future maintenance.

  3, Extrusion gear pump outlet line must be installed pulsation dampeners, safety valve. When such pressure is lower than 3Bar, it recommends the installation of back pressure valve, in order to avoid pipeline siphoning phenomenon.

  4, the suction pipe diameter must be greater than the metering pump inlet valve size. It must be considered to determine the diameter size of the peak flow metering pumps, pipe length and material viscosity and other parameters. When the outlet pipe is not pulsation dampeners installed, it must refer the suction pipe diameter choices to determine the diameter size.

  5, the electrical wiring must refer to the motor rating plate and operating instructions.

  6, open the drive cover, the lubricant is added inside, the oil level to the worm at the bottom of the bearing.

  7, the stroke was adjusted to 100 percent, maintain the most forward position of the piston. The exhaust valve of the pump head is removed, add the hydraulic oil from the exhaust port into the pump head until filled. Pressure relief valve installed reset. The remaining hydraulic oil into the hydraulic tank.

  8, Extrusion gear pump outlet line is disconnected, or open pipe exhaust valve.

  9, the stroke was adjusted to 0%. Start metering pumps, pump body to identify if there are unusual noises.

  10, and gradually turn up the stroke to 100%, while the operating instructions in accordance with the requirements of the fill valve located in the hydraulic tank is adjusted so that the spool holding up the oil, the amount of movement of 1 mm. Observe whether there are material handling export metering pump, and the flow varies with the stroke adjustment. When the stroke change, fill valve must be adjusted accordingly.

  11, closed vent pipe connected to the outlet line or add material to the system.

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