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Application of extrusion melt pump in production line

    The main function of extrusion melt pump is the plastic melt pressure, pressure from the extruder after the stability of the flow into the extrusion die. The stability of the melt pressure, flow capacity is better than that of the various types of extruder. It will be with single screw or co rotating twin screw extruder used in series, so the whole production line efficiency increased significantly. The main advantages of using melt pump is:
    1. extrusion products to a minimum, so that the unit weight of the material to produce more products. In the dimension tolerance of extrusion products strict or raw material cost is expensive, it is necessary to use the melt pump, more valuable.
    2. co rotating twin screw extruder and melt pump into mixing extrusion granulation production line, the mixing quality and yield is greatly improved than the twin-screw granulator unit separate. Energy consumption per kilogram of materials processing can be reduced by about twenty-five percent.
    3. in the original single screw or the same granulation to twin screw extruder with melt pump and pipe, plate, film extrusion die, can avoid the direct extrusion granulation process. This system is very suitable for extrusion materials by blending modification. In addition to the second advantages of the melt pump system, but also by simplifying the process of extrusion products, shorten the production cycle to achieve energy saving.
    4. can be achieved using Taichung small extruder and melt pump to a melt, melt pump pressure measurement by supply die extrusion of large products (large caliber pipe, wide plate, film). The production line structure of the configuration of the compact, the occupied area is small; the section size of extrusion products more precise and easy to control.
    5. in the single screw extruder and melt pump exhaust configuration, can make the system operation, excellent performance. In the high head pressure and high yield, output can be adjusted freely and no overflow occurs.
     Melt pump is a positive displacement conveying equipment, gear clearance and volume structure design of high precision, so that's out of stable equilibrium is possible, has been widely used in chemical fiber, granulation, plastic film, sheet, plate, bar, pipe, wire and cable, wire drawing, extrusion production line, has a good results.

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