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Daily use and maintenance of thermoplastic extrusion pump

  Daily use and maintenance of thermoplastic extrusion pump

  Second, the operation and management

  1, routine maintenance

  (L) thermoplastic extrusion pump disintegration and cleaning, heating and cooling, should be strictly in accordance with the start-stop operation, in order to avoid unnecessary losses. (2) should pay attention to maintaining a stable population pressure booster pump, it has a stable volumetric efficiency, in order to help stabilize the operation of the pump itself and downstream spinning quality. (3) The population of the negative pressure pump seal packing, stuffing box should be kept at a pressure higher than the outside atmospheric pressure. Reduce back pressure, the pressure should be adjusted stuffing box, otherwise it would pump suction air, causing the cast strip off band, the impact pelletizing, resulting in releasing granulator. (4) Always check the temperature of the heat medium jacket, body and front cover of the heat medium temperature should be consistent. (5) The increase in production every time, to the time of production, speed, the inlet pressure, record the current value and compare data before and after a careful analysis for early detection of abnormalities, timely manner.

  2, common faults and countermeasures are as follows:

  (1) Symptom: The pump can not discharge

  Cause: a, opposite the direction of rotation; b, suction or discharge valve closed; c, no material inlet or pressure is too low;

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