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Batte: high yield low energy thermoplastic extrusion pump

  Batte: high yield low energy consumption is a good helper presses equipment forerunner -thermoplastic extrusion pump

  Zhengzhou Batte thermoplastic extrusion pump Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of conveying thermoplastic extrusion pump (melt metering pump, melt gear pumps, high temperature thermoplastic extrusion pump) of high-tech enterprises, products mainly used for high temperature and high viscosity of the polymer melt, increasing pressure measurement, widely used in plastics, resins, rubber extrusion, such as: granulation, films, tubes, plates, sheets and other industries. According to Poon Bad Company sales manager, thermoplastic extrusion pump main function is to boost the high-temperature plastic melt from the extruder, flow steadily into the extrusion head after the regulator. Its stable melt pressure, flow capacity than all types of extruders. When it with the same single-screw or twin-screw extruder used in tandem, it benefits the entire production line to make a significant increase, easy to achieve energy saving and environmental protection requirements.

  Batte Established over the years, in thermoplastic extrusion pump application technology has accumulated rich experience, through active introduction of foreign advanced thermoplastic extrusion pump production technology, the company's expertise has been standing in front of the industry. In recent years, Batte thermoplastic extrusion pump company in the world based on the application of technology trends, working on thermoplastic extrusion pump rationale, performance, equipment, structure development, control technology and other aspects of the research carried out and achieved good results. Batte is currently 70% of the company's products in domestic sales, which in South China, East China, North China market share is very high, another 30 percent of products exported to other countries and regions in Asia, Germany, the United States, customers have been highly praised . And even foreign thermoplastic extrusion pump manufacturers take the initiative to come to requirements OEM.

  "This year the company's sales growth is very rapid, total sales doubled, exports more than doubled." Panjing Li told reporters, "can achieve such a good performance, there are many reasons, one benefit favorable market environment, with the increasing development of China's machinery industry, thermoplastic extrusion pump in the domestic market is also gradually being adopted by the industry more applications; the second is the hard work of all my colleagues the company has been improving product quality; Third, depends on the customer's support and trust, our products of good quality, high precision, very low failure rates, customers buy rest assured that with peace of mind. "

  In fact, the current auxiliary plastic extrusion thermoplastic extrusion pump applications in our country, with respect to the industrialized countries, it is still relatively small. But Panzong believes that today competition in the domestic plastics processing enterprises more competitive, people are extruded products made of high-quality precision requirements, while the extrusion process and materials processing equipment energy requirements and high-yield low energy consumption requirements given more attention, the use of thermoplastic extrusion pump technology is an effective way to meet the requirements in this regard and wise. It can be foreseen that the development prospects of Batteh is immeasurable. Turning next year's plan, Panzong said to increase the domestic market development efforts, while trying to increase market share in the market.

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