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Advantages Batte thermoplast extrusion pump introduction

  Advantages Zhengzhou Batte thermoplast extrusion pump introduction

  Zhengzhou Batte thermoplast extrusion pump thermoplast extrusion pump generally used for dirty work environment engineering machinery and high-precision machine tools in general, and the pressure is not too high and the larger flow of hydraulic systems.

  thermoplast extrusion pump advantages:

  1, simple structure, process better, lower cost.

  2, compared with other types of pump flow rate of the same, compact structure, small size.

  3, self-absorption and good performance. Whether in the high and low speed even in the case of the manual can be reliably achieved self-absorption.

  4, the speed range. Because part of the pump and the drive gear are basically balanced, it does not produce a large inertial forces at high speed.

  5, the oil in the dirt of their work are not severely affected, is not easy to death.

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