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The subtle relationship between single screw extruder and gea

Considering the processing advantages of single screw extruder and gear pump, the discussion of combining the two to obtain the glue filtration performance has always been.

Gear pumps are used for rubber filtration. Because of its high-pressure accumulative performance and reliability, the production time of screen replacement time due to high-pressure aggregation capacity, screen pollution and increasing pressure is maximized. The pressure required in the extrusion process is essentially determined by the geometry of the downstream extrusion head and the die. The mesh filter is used to filter the rubber compound input at the extrusion head. Impurities may be produced by non dispersed fillers or chemicals.

Increasing filter contamination leads to continuous increase in pump output pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to change the filter in time before reaching the maximum allowable pump pressure difference.

A single screw extruder has been proven to be a mature component for continuously transferring hot or cold rubber from the gear pump inlet to the output port. This ensures that the flow of the pump is continuous at any time and that the load on the impeller and bearing is evenly distributed. For gear pumps with direct loading, the use of extruders can significantly reduce the load fluctuation caused by partial loading of gear pumps. Uniform loads on the rotating shaft and bearing of the Combex system extend the life of the rotating shaft and bearing of the gear pump.

In order to ensure that the gear pump is adequately filled with ordinary rubber compounds, only 40 to 50 bars of pressure need to be set up at the inlet of the single screw extruder pump. For the relatively low pressure in this single screw extruder, the unit power per rotation cycle is very high, although the energy input is still low. This leads to a very smooth supply of rubber to the pump.

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