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High temperature and high pressure melt pump is suitable for

ZB-H series high temperature and high pressure melt pumps are suitable for engineering plastics, blown film and other processes.

The main features of H series melt gear pump are:

1. It can be applied to high temperature (510 degree) high pressure (70MPa) high viscosity (20000Pa? S) working conditions.

Two, import and export optimization design, to avoid maximum angle in the flow channel, reduce material residue, improve product quality.

Three. Improved gear parameter design can withstand super high pressure and greater differential pressure.

Four, the use of special materials, high temperature, long service life.

Five. High precision mechanical seal.

Six, according to the customer's different site conditions, provide the appropriate installation method, more flexible and practical.

Technical parameters:

Viscosity: less than 20000Pa.s

Working temperature: less than 510 degrees centigrade

Cleaning temperature: less than 590 degrees centigrade

Export pressure: less than 70Mpa

Maximum pressure difference: up to 50Mpa

Main structure:

Pump body: CPM tool steel, titanium alloy

Gear: CPM tool steel, titanium alloy, special material and wear resistant coating.

Plain bearings: CPM tool steel, titanium alloy, special material and wear resistant coating.

Shaft seal: spiral mechanical seal

Specification / flow range: 5CC-2500CC

Installation method:

H series of melt pumps can be installed in a variety of ways, the input shaft of the pump can be arranged horizontally and can be arranged vertically (upward and downward). The driving system generally includes motor, reducer, universal coupling, pump connection head, reducer connection head and so on.

The complete set of equipment includes melt pump, inlet and outlet connector, drive system and control system. Customers can be selected according to the specific circumstances

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