batte melt pump

Common troubles and Countermeasures of melt pump

(1) failure phenomenon: melt pump can not discharge material;

Cause of failure: A. rotation in opposite direction; B. inhalation or discharge valve closure; C. inlet without material or pressure too low; D. viscosity too high, melt pump can not bite.

Countermeasures: A. confirms the direction of rotation; B. confirms whether the valve is closed; C. checks the valve and pressure gauge; D. checks the viscosity of the liquid to see if the flow rate is proportional to the speed when running at low speed and inflows if there is flow.

(2) failure phenomenon: insufficient flow melt pump flow

Causes of failure: A. inhalation or discharge valve closure; B. inlet pressure low; C. outlet pipeline blockage; D. packing box leakage; e. speed too low.

Countermeasures: A. to confirm whether the valve is closed; B. check whether the valve is open; C. to confirm whether the discharge is normal; D. fastening; when a large amount of leakage leakage impact production, should stop operation, disassembly inspection; e. check the actual speed of the pump shaft;

(3) fault phenomenon: abnormal sound

Failure causes: A. coupling is eccentric or poor lubrication B. motor fault; C. reducer abnormal; D. shaft seal installation is bad; e. shaft deformation or wear.

Countermeasures: A. for positive or filling grease; B. check motor; C. check bearing and gear; D. check shaft seal; e. parking disassembly inspection.

(4) fault phenomenon: the current is too large

Failure causes: A. outlet pressure is too high; B. melt viscosity is too large; C. shaft seal assembly is bad; D. shaft or bearing wear; e. motor fault.

Countermeasures: A. inspection of downstream equipment and pipelines; B. test viscosity; C. check shaft seal, appropriate adjustment; D. after parking inspection, whether the hand barring is too heavy; e. check motor.

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