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The effect of Bart analysis on the thickness of the convectio

The production process of the casting film is long and difficult. In order to ensure the quality of the product, a set of or multiple melts pumps and filters are used in the production line. The characteristics of its performance are studied and the reasons for the defects are analyzed. The use of the appropriate melt pump and filter can significantly improve the production efficiency and yield of the film. Economic benefits.

When the gear of the melt pump is a straight tooth, the flow of the melt pump will produce a regular short wave pulsation. When the pressure and temperature of the inlet and outlet of the melt pump have a great change, the flow will have a long wave pulsation. These will affect the thickness change of the final product.

When the gear of the melt pump is a skew tooth, more than two pairs of teeth will be meshed in the process of feeding. In the rotation, the teeth are gradually contacted and separated gradually, and the pulsation of the material flow is small. The "man" type gear pump works at the same time that two opposite helical gears work at the same time. The flow of the conveyed material is more stable. The pulsation is far less than the above structure. At the same time, the axial force produced by the pressure of the molten material can be eliminated and the life of the melt pump can be reduced by reducing wear and tear. But the processing is difficult and the application is less.

The flow rate of each gear pump will fluctuate, but the size is different. When the flow rate is very stable, adding the flow equalizer in the system can eliminate the wave defects.

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