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Extrusion molding characteristics of melt pump

Extrusion molding characteristics of melt pump:

A. The production process of melt pump is continuous and can extrude any length of plastic parts.

B. Melt pump mold structure is also simpler, easy to manufacture and maintain, less investment, quick results;

C). The internal structure of the plastic parts of melt pump is well balanced, and the dimensions are stable and accurate.

D). Adaptive, except fluorine plastic, all thermoplastic can be extruded, some thermosetting plastic can also be extruded. The shape and size of the product can be changed accordingly, so that various kinds of different specifications can be produced.

E. The Melt pump is widely used, operating equipment is simple, investment is little, effect is quick, production environment is sanitary, labor intensity is low, suitable for mass production.

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