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Batte Melt Pump Improves Benefits of Extrusion Molding

The famous melt pump manufacturer in Zhengzhou Batte Henan area possesses experienced engineering technicians and advanced processing equipment, which guarantees that the melt pump equipment has the advantages of high precision and no pulsation. Zhengzhou Bart melt pump manufacturers on the specific introduction of melt pump extrusion system advantages.

Melt pump application extrusion molding system mainly embodies the following five advantages: a, melt pump as a metering device, can accurately determine the flow of the melt; b, as a pressure booster equipment, effectively improve the pressure of the head; c, reduce The temperature of the melt; d, increase the production capacity of the extruder; e, reduce the wear of the extruder and prolong its service life. At present, the melt pumps produced by the melter pumps of Bart are widely used in the fields of granulation, extruding, blown film, profile extrusion, and continuous blow molding. The processed materials cover almost all thermoplastic resins, thermoplastic elastomers, and other polymers. . The output of the melt pump has a linear relationship with the rotation speed of the gear, and the precise displacement of the melt can be controlled by controlling the rotation speed of the melt pump, so it can be used as a metering device. Some domestic advanced enterprises have adopted the screw extruder, melt pump transportation system and on-line rheometer as the standard configuration of rubber and plastic materials processing equipment, effectively improving the production efficiency of enterprises and reducing the production cost of enterprises. The melt pump produced by Barter can also be used to transport high-viscosity melts during the polymerization process; as a booster pump or metering pump (called a melt booster pump or spinning) during the melt spinning process Metering pumps).

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