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Thermoplastic precision melt extrusion pump

Thermoplastic Extrusion Systems Melt Gear Pumps, also known as Melt Dosing Pumps or Extruder Pumps, are used in a variety of extrusion applications such as sheet, sheet, tubing, film, pelletizing, drawing, Cable, co-extrusion, mixing, precision extrusion and other industries

Thermoplastic extrusion melt gear pump is a universal extrusion system melt gear pump. Suitable for extrusion conveying from lower viscosity up to very high viscosity polymer melt; generally installed between extruder outlet and die for melt metering pump; can also be installed in polymer melt line , Do booster pump use; This series of pump housing built-in flow channel, you can do cooling or heat medium heating.

Thermoplastic extrusion melt gear pump main technical features:

1, Optimized melt flow path design: eliminate the dead angle in the flow path, reduce the polymer residue to a minimum, and improve the quality of the product;

2, optional built-in flow channel: suitable for fluid cooling, to adapt to more accurate and rapid temperature control system can also be used for heating medium heating;

3, improved gear parameter design: more accurate displacement design, the output pressure is more stable, adapted to the precise extrusion conditions;

4, for a very wide range of viscosity: the use of different sealing methods, can be applied to the viscosity from low viscosity to very high conditions;

5, a variety of installation methods: to meet the needs of individual users;

6, high-precision manufacturing and excellent heat treatment: more sophisticated and more durable;

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