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Blister temperature of PET and PVC sheet die

plastic temperature of PET and PVC sheet commonly die

1, PVC: Due to the poor thermal stability of PVC, prolonged heating will lead to decomposition, release of HCL gas, so that PVC discoloration, so its application is narrow, the use of temperature is generally between 15 to 55 degrees.

2, PET: PET heat distortion temperature of 80 to 82 degrees, color and opaque film added masterbatch and additives, will affect the sheet heat distortion temperature, can be adjusted according to the specific circumstances.

Plastic molding technology that plastic sheet (plate) die material thermoforming processing technology, plastic secondary processing industry in a technology. It is different from the injection molding, extrusion and other processing technology, not for plastic resin or pellets heated molding or over-molding with the same cross-section continuous molding; nor is it the use of machine tools, knives and other mechanical means of processing, part of the plastic material cutting Down to obtain the required shape and size, but for the plastic sheet (plate) material, heating, the use of molds, vacuum or pressure to the sheet (board) material deformation, to the required shape and size, combined with supporting processes, to achieve the application purpose.

Plastic molding equipment, including clamping systems, heating systems, vacuum and compressed air systems and forming molds and other parts.v

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