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Thermoplastic extrusion process

Thermoplastic Extrusion molding in the plastic molding process has a large proportion of products that have the same cross-sectional shape of the products can be used extrusion molding methods, such as: pipe, bar and other profiles, film, sheet metal, granulation, etc. can be Using extrusion molding processing. Depending on the requirements of the product and the raw material, a single-screw extruder or a twin-screw extruder is used and a head and an auxiliary machine for various products are required.

Thermoplastic Twin-screw extruders are one way of extrusion that has similarities to all extrusion.

Co-rotating Thermoplastic twin-screw extruder unit from the mixing part (ie, twin-screw extruder), cooling and pelletizing part of the composition, co-rotating twin-screw extruder and other extrusion equipment, including the transmission part of the extrusion Parts, heating and cooling systems, electrical and control systems and racks. Due to the twin-screw extruder material handling principles and single-screw extruder is different, usually there are quantitative feeding device. In view of the double co-rod extruder is mainly used for plastic filling, strengthening and blending modified, in order to adapt to the characteristics of the added materials and operational needs, usually on the cylinder are equipped with vents and more than one Feed port, while the screw bear on the conveyor, plasticizing, mixing and mixing thread made of any combination of components can be made according to the needs of the block-like components, such as the same package on the mandrel, known as the modular modular screw, the whole Machine also known as co-rotating building block twin screw extruder.

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