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2015 thermoplast extrusion pump how to market?

  We Batte Machinery company to pump industry, there are a lot of years, and have some experience and skills in product performance and product quality, and constantly to solve customer problems. Customer satisfaction is our greatest responsibility. But how King 2014 thermoplast extrusion pump lines like?

  The thermoplast extrusion pump is an ideal device transport high-viscosity liquids, wide range of applications. Although many domestic enterprises have produced a high viscosity liquid suitable for transporting thermoplast extrusion pump, but because of the test means perfect, the choice of materials, leakage and noise control there are still some problems. Especially in the domestic high viscosity thermoplast extrusion pump efficiency, reliability and service life and so there is a big difference with foreign products. Therefore, the high viscosity thermoplast extrusion pump China's petroleum and chemical industries are using mostly imported.

  Development of domestic and high viscosity thermoplast extrusion pump characteristics are as follows: high structural viscosity thermoplast extrusion pump gear common with straight teeth, helical, herringbone gear, helical gear, tooth profile mainly involute and circular patterns. Typically small thermoplast extrusion pump more involute spur gears, high temperature thermoplast extrusion pump often used modified gear, transport of high viscosity, high pressure polymer melt melt pump more involute helical gear. Gear integrally formed with the shaft, its rigidity and higher reliability than a single gear and shaft manufacturing thermoplast extrusion pumps. thermoplast extrusion pumps are divided into two kinds of low-pressure pump and high-pressure pump. Foreign low-pressure thermoplast extrusion pump gear, often with a square structure, namely the gear tooth width equal to the diameter of addendum circle. The high-pressure high-viscosity thermoplast extrusion pump occasions tooth width smaller than the diameter of the addendum circle, which is radially compressed in order to reduce the area of ​​the gear, reducing gears, bearings load. This shows that our production of thermoplast extrusion pumps need to continue to improve and innovate. I produced the thermoplast extrusion pump in the same industry also has some advantages.

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