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Three methods of melt pump pressure control, do you know?

Melt pump pressure control is operated and monitored by a set of automated systems, which are called melt pump control systems.

thermoplastic extrusion pump
thermoplastic extrusion pump

In the operation phase of the equipment, according to the characteristics of different materials, the pressure needs to be adjusted appropriately to achieve the goal of neither destroying the structure of the material nor producing adverse reactions. This kind of control mainly adopts the closed-loop control method, which includes the following three methods:

The first method is based on calculating the values measured by the pressure sensors at the inlet and outlet and adjusting the variable frequency drive stroke closure accordingly. The rotational speed is then adjusted according to the magnitude of the calculated values for the purpose of pressure control. If the pressure values are set in advance, the system will automatically adjust to the corresponding set values.

The second method is to send feedback information from the control system to the extruder according to the inlet pressure value. By driving the extruder's controlled discharging in this way, the pressure control of the melt gear pump inlet is realized.

The third method is to obtain the temperature information of the pump body through the sensor of the high temperature melt pump body. According to the acquired temperature data, the heating equipment reacts accordingly, realizing temperature control to cope with too high or too low pressure values.

thermoplastic melt pump manufacturer
thermoplastic melt pump manufacturer

The above three methods are commonly used to control the melt pump pressure.


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