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How to choose a melt pump for a pipe production line?

As we all know, melt pumps are generally used for conveying various plastic or rubber melts, pressurizing and stabilizing, such as in industries such as granulation, film, pipe, plate, sheet, artificial fiber, optical fiber, medical plastic tubing, etc. Today, we will talk about how to choose melt pumps for use in pipe production lines.

thermoplastic melt pump manufactuer 

Thermoplastic extrusion melt pumps are widely used in the plastic processing industry. Firstly, it can be used in various plastic extrusion production lines, such as plastic pipe extrusion, plastic sheet extrusion, plastic film extrusion, etc. Secondly, the melt pump can also be used in the plastic granulation process to ensure uniform transportation of plastic particles by controlling the feed rate of the extruder. In addition, thermoplastic hot melt pumps can also be used in plastic mixing and modification processes to improve the performance of plastics by adding additives and fillers.

PVC extrusion melt pump
PVC extrusion melt pump

There is a type of pipe called PVC pipe, which is a special and heat-sensitive material. This material is sensitive to temperature changes and can easily cause carbonization, decomposition, and even coking of the material during the extrusion process. When selecting a melt pump, it is necessary to choose a PVC specialized melt pump. The inlet of the PVC extrusion melt pump adopts a trumpet type flow channel, and the internal flow channel and gear structure are optimized. The built-in melt self-lubricates, and the lubricating materials are discharged with the material. This structure is more suitable for the material characteristics of PVC.

thermoplastic hot melt pump
thermoplastic hot melt pump

In short, high-temperature melt pumps, as equipment for transporting high-temperature and high-pressure melts, have the characteristics of high efficiency, stability, safety, and reliability, and are widely used in multiple fields. When choosing a high-temperature melt pump, multiple factors need to be considered, including the nature of the conveyed material, working pressure and temperature, flow rate and head, as well as equipment investment and maintenance costs. By understanding these factors and making reasonable selection, the advantages of high-temperature thermoplastic hot melt pumps can be better utilized to improve production efficiency and quality.


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